January 1, 2010

Someone left a comment on my blog Toulouse Street asking for help in finding a copy of this online. It is available on Google Books but doesn’t show up if you just navigate to the book. It’s such a damn shame is gone.

It’s been a long time since I added anything to this site so here it is:


Of course there is a loud
and multicolored doom
on the street. But it is
the deafening absence
of your voice over which I
am straining to make you
hear me, at whatever corner
you are lost: Take me
with you in the traffic.

One Response to “THE DOOM”

  1. Morgan Says:

    I have a big question for you, keeper of this blog. I will just dive in, here goes: I am a former NOLA resident (Seattle since K hit) currently living in Brisbane, Australia to pursue an internship with a physical theatre company here. I am working on developing a piece inspired by New Orleans/Katrina/other catastrophes (I can give you a big long description if you like) and was planning on using the poems of Maddox (an old family friend, although he died when I was just a baby, so I don’t remember him) as inspiration/source material. However, when packing to leave the States, I stupidly counted on being up and running, and so brought NONE of my books of his poetry with me. They lie, now, in the bottom of a dusty box in storage in Seattle. Shipping these fairly hard to find books to Australia is going to be exorbitant. Do you know any way of accessing them online? Even if it involves paying to download them? I need as many/as much as possible to weed/wade through. Any ideas? You can email me at I deeply appreciate it! Thank you!

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